We are looking for volunteers for the **CANTEEN contact Amanda 204-739-3450 and **BAR contact Michele 204-739-6304

  • Date: 12/27/2019 07:00 PM - 12/29/2019 05:00 PM
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Lundar Christmas Classic Schedule:
Friday December 27
7:00pm- Young Guns vs Beer Dawgs
8:15pm- Dixon Cider vs Black Aces
9:30pm- Rink Rats vs Folded Falcons 

Saturday December  28
11:00am- Vogar Vipers vs Lakeman
12:15pm- Young Guns vs Folded Falcons
1:30pm- Dixon Cider vs Lakeman
2:45pm- Beer Dawgs vs Rink Rats
4:00pm- Black Aces vs Vogar Vipers
5:15pm- Young Guns vs Rink Rats 
6:30pm- Dixon Cider vs Vogar Vipers
7:45pm- Black Aces vs Lakeman
9:00pm- Beer Dawgs vs Folded Falcons 

Sunday Dec 29
11:00am- 4th vs 4th
12:15pm- 3rd vs 3rd
1:30pm- 2nd vs 2nd
2:45pm- 1st vs 1st